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Monday, 26 February 2007

Media Control Fup Off

I must be a bit slow because it is only recently that I fully appreciated what this whole business of the cult of personality is about. The big mistake is to believe the hype that surrounds so many of these nonentities. It is all just a matter of filling the newspapers and media in general. Without all of these so called personalities what would they have to write about. They have to produce a newspaper everyday and make it appeal to the general public many of whom in recent years have revealed an increasing desire for a diet of triviality and nonsense . The only way they can do this is to produce these characters like a latter day Frankenstein.

The Government has interfered with childrens education in attempts to improve the standards in Education and they produce dubious statistics every year to prove how successful they are in their exams but how is this translated in terms of a more literate and discriminating society. The lack of discrimination can be seen in the "personality" cult where some of the most obnoxious people you can find are potrayed as people who we might wish to emulate or admire and it would seem many do. If we allow them to the media can exercise enormous power over us and if we believe them then we are their slaves. They can make us believe that some individual or section of society is good or bad, that we should behave in some particular way but not another.

Those newspapers that have political agendas will have no conscience about lying about issues and people. The Mail is a good example of this. I have no particular affection for Blair but the Mails constant petty sniping against him and more particularly Cherry Blair is pathetic and simply designed to fill newspaper columns. They like to attack people who can,t fight back. If I want real news reportage I will buy the Independent. If I want pap and political and social manipulation based largely on bias and falsehoods I would buy the Express or Mail. The Telegraph is not free from bias as we can read any time they report on educational issues and teachers in particular. As for the Sun and the rest of the rabble rousing rags they aren,t even worth commenting on except to say that they are a positive harm to society. If we dont discriminate, if we cant see what is truth and what is falsehood, then we might as well live under a dictatorship. We are only as free as the extent to which we can think and effectively exercise our rights. As for TV the great majority of it is worthless crap. Of course it has thrown up some greats like David Attenborough who in my opinion both as a producer of programmes and previously as an executive we owe an enormous debt of gratitude. But today the executives and controllers are largely total wankers and servants and employers of business. The attempt is not to raise the standards in society and individuals by producing worth while programmes but simply to get the greatest number watching and to do that by any means. This pleases business. Through programmes like Big Brother etc they have lowered standards, demeaned the viewer and reduced them to mindless voyeurs. SET YOURSELF FREE. Don,t buy the newspapers that are biased and trivial. Only watch those TV programmes that treat you like a thinking person with a sense of worth. Interact with your children and teach them social responsibility.

I always think the simple rule of DO TO OTHERS ONLY WHAT YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU is a good adage unless your a masochist. To quote Oscar Wilde "We may all be lying in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars". If you like it in the gutter then of course keep reading the gutter press and watching gutter TV and you will become invisible.

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