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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Yanks and Brown Scum


Like so many people I have always voted for one party, the Labour Party, all of my life. I don,t know why I suppose I identified with the class of people who are usually associated with Labour and anyway anything seemed better than Hume or MacMillan or Heath and worst of all that
criminal Thatcher.

I dont identify with that class now in fact I dont think I ever did. The Scum culture that today seems to embrace the previous title of Working Class is one I would never want be associated with. We live in an age where the lowest common denominator rules, booze ridden, uncouth and trivial with a significant number of our fellow countrymen seemingly lacking in any sense of social responsibility intent on educating their children in the church of ME and Materialism.

Then of course they wonder why the hand that feeds gets bit. Our leaders certainly since and very much including Thatcher have set the worst examples to the rest of society. You only have to judge Thatcher by her friends to see what she is. Blare is simply a smug bastard who always knows best and undoubtedly is more intent on World politics than those at home. His preoccupation with this countries maintenance as a World power has shades of Hitlerism about it. Standards seem non existent. What can one say of a society where the Sun newspaper is actually quoted as being of some significance. Where our present Prime Minister had to crawl and cowtow to the owner of that lowlife rag in order to be elected. Where Brown, a man who as Chancellor of the Exchequer has actively robbed us and created more social injustice than Thatcher, is seriously considered as a suitable leader of a Labour Party.

The fact is that people are better people when they have encountered hardship and suffering. The more people have the more they want. Compare society today with society after WW2. People had far less and were better for it. They valued what they had as little as that was. To some extent the popular media especially films reflects those historical values. Look at the principal values of the films produced just after the war and look at those today. We condemn the violence in our youth but feed them a continual diet through the media..We have film critics who themselves are a product of a society without proper values who instruct us to revere directors and writers whos main claim to fame is the extent to which they have extended the degree of violence in film.

Our values, or lack of them today, have much to do with the way we have abandoned any aspirations to embrace an English identity rooted in our history and sold our souls to the Yanks. These world class corupters have given us little of value in fact Yanks don,t give anything they only loan at high interest rates. When I was a child we had an American Base near to us. My father, who had fought with the 8th Army said you could always spot a Yank from behind because of his big arse. They got those sitting on them while we fought the Germans alone. Had we not done that far from the Yanks "saving our arses" we saved theirs. Had Hitler beaten us he would have had access to resources and bases that would have seriously threatened them. The big mouthed dickhead (Ed: - Eldon Anderson) who last week was accusing us of sucking our thumbs in the Second World War should have popped down our street and expressed the same sentiment to some of the demobs there in 1946.people who now had to live in a country that unlike the USA didn't profit from the war but ruined itself economically.

Yanks and Brown fupoff

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