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Friday, 16 February 2007

Farmers in Wonkerland

I live in a part of the Country called Wonkerland. The town I live near to, Toytown, is really a city as yet without many of the problems we associate with English cities, but their coming.

In response to that holy of holies the farmer it was decided by the wise men of our County to allow in as cheap a labour force as could be found so East Europeans fresh to exploit on there entry into the European Union have been imported in mass. This in a county that has some of the highest unemployment and the lowest wages in the country. Now local people at the bottom of the economic scale have even less opportunity for employment than ever. Of course the farmers will tell you that locals didn,t want such low paid jobs. Well pay them more then you greedy bastards and stop lining your own pockets. Ever seen a poor farmer?. Your entitled to be biased you,ve paid enough towards their livelihood on subsidies over the years.

And whilst discussing farmers is there any other industry that would be allowed to endanger the public to the extent they do. Would any other industry be allowed to persistently and without any consideration for others mess up our roads the way they do. I know for a fact that in many instances its entirely avoidable. They are just too lazy to get off their backsides and open a few gates which restricting them to crossing there own fields rather than OUR roads would involve. Farming today is principally about machinery. They spend a fortune, with our help, buying the latest monster tractors so lets make them buy an extra piece of machinery that exists if the want it, a mechanical roadbrush. Let them clear up OUR roads after them. Lets see a few prosecutions. Also have they ever heard of a simple yard brush. It wouldn,t cure the problem but it would help. Trouble is that in rural areas they are always well esconsed in the local mafia, they are the untouchables. I had one knock a whole in my fence when he came down the lane with a machine that was a foot wider than the lane. My local council informed me that a farmer was entitled to use any machinery in any of the lanes irrespective of the damage it caused.

There was a time when the houses in the countryside were mainly occupied by people who worked there but times have changed and the farmer and even rarer farm labourer are firmly in the minority. Whether you like the fact or not that most country dwellers today are retired city types and second home owners they are in the majority and in a democracy local politicians, for want of a better word, should be listening to them and not Walter Gabriel. Its they who pay for the countryside through the subsidies they are forced to pay in taxes so they have a greater
entitlement. I also resent the thugs and morons who because they live in the countryside think they are entitled to speak for everyone there when it comes to hunting. Anyone who can seriously suggest that because their ancesters behaved barbarically towards birds and animals they are entitled to do so as well needs a head test.

Wonkerland is mainly rural and has one of the highest proportion of gun licences and animal cruelty in the country. There,s a surprise. I love the way the countryside alliance wheels out these seemingly respectable females as there spokespersons. As far as I,m concerned they are to the wildlife what Myra Hindley was to child welfare. Pure evil. What sort of person is it that gets enjoyment from spending their leisure time killing animals. A sick one undoubtedly. For those who think I speak as a town dweller I have lived in the country all of my life and started my working life as a farm labourer. I quickly abandoned it as I wanted to pursue a career that involved at least some necessity for a brain.

Fupoff farmers.

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