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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

My Love of the Lake District

We visited the Lake District again last year. I mention this because I have just been watching a programme about Wainwright and I find so many parallels. In character I am very similar, though not to the extent of his commitment and drive in producing his brilliant guides over how many years it took, but rather in my love of the fells and the solitariness and the beauty. He is so right that anyone who loves the Lakes is an exile when they are away. The Lake District now has the reputation of having the most unfriendly resident population in the Country as far as attitude to holiday makers goes but that is the inevitable consequence of living in a National Park with its unrelenting tide of visitors. I lived at the foot of Lake Windermere for years the realisation of a dream that took root the first time I visited what was then an area that embraced the three counties of Lancashire, Cumberland and Westmorland. As it was to Wainwright, first seeing the fells on a visit from industrial Lancashire, so it was to me. From that moment I became both a lover and an exile. As a youth in Industrial Lancashire I had little spare money and outside of my main work spent much of my time with freelance work and further education but whenever time and public transport allowed and with the most basic of gear I explored those hills. The emotional impact of the sights and sounds on those hills has
on occasion brought me to tears but more consistently absolute joy. I did all of this alone though ensured that any nights camping were in recognised sights amongst company. Not that I was in any sense gregarious but I wasn't brave enough to sleep out there alone. Much too timid, much too fearful, my lifelong burden rooted in my childhood.

As a child the common theme in my life was rejection. I dont say this out of self pity or to gain sympathy I am just stating a fact. It started off well enough for those times. I was born in 1942. my Grocers assistant father now gone to war, my mother and I living where my parents had lived all of their lives, a small Lancashire cotton mill and coal mining town, and now next door to her sister and my three cousins who became my surrogate family. My experience was not unique but like other children born in the middle of the war whos fathers were away a
vital formative period lacked the influence, company and familiarity with a father. They were strangers to us even intruders on their fleeting leaves and we were probably glad to see them go, maybe they felt rejected. I surmise because I don,t know. The details of much of my early childhood then is unknown to me, fragmented. I think my mother worked, out of necessity no doubt, at a local factory leaving me in the care of her sister and other members of my fathers large family most of whom lived within a radius of a few miles from our house. In 1945 my father returned from the War and resumed his job at the local Co-op. I have no memory of these times but two years later my mother died in childbirth. It was all downhill from then.

More again if your interested.

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Monday, 26 February 2007

Media Control Fup Off

I must be a bit slow because it is only recently that I fully appreciated what this whole business of the cult of personality is about. The big mistake is to believe the hype that surrounds so many of these nonentities. It is all just a matter of filling the newspapers and media in general. Without all of these so called personalities what would they have to write about. They have to produce a newspaper everyday and make it appeal to the general public many of whom in recent years have revealed an increasing desire for a diet of triviality and nonsense . The only way they can do this is to produce these characters like a latter day Frankenstein.

The Government has interfered with childrens education in attempts to improve the standards in Education and they produce dubious statistics every year to prove how successful they are in their exams but how is this translated in terms of a more literate and discriminating society. The lack of discrimination can be seen in the "personality" cult where some of the most obnoxious people you can find are potrayed as people who we might wish to emulate or admire and it would seem many do. If we allow them to the media can exercise enormous power over us and if we believe them then we are their slaves. They can make us believe that some individual or section of society is good or bad, that we should behave in some particular way but not another.

Those newspapers that have political agendas will have no conscience about lying about issues and people. The Mail is a good example of this. I have no particular affection for Blair but the Mails constant petty sniping against him and more particularly Cherry Blair is pathetic and simply designed to fill newspaper columns. They like to attack people who can,t fight back. If I want real news reportage I will buy the Independent. If I want pap and political and social manipulation based largely on bias and falsehoods I would buy the Express or Mail. The Telegraph is not free from bias as we can read any time they report on educational issues and teachers in particular. As for the Sun and the rest of the rabble rousing rags they aren,t even worth commenting on except to say that they are a positive harm to society. If we dont discriminate, if we cant see what is truth and what is falsehood, then we might as well live under a dictatorship. We are only as free as the extent to which we can think and effectively exercise our rights. As for TV the great majority of it is worthless crap. Of course it has thrown up some greats like David Attenborough who in my opinion both as a producer of programmes and previously as an executive we owe an enormous debt of gratitude. But today the executives and controllers are largely total wankers and servants and employers of business. The attempt is not to raise the standards in society and individuals by producing worth while programmes but simply to get the greatest number watching and to do that by any means. This pleases business. Through programmes like Big Brother etc they have lowered standards, demeaned the viewer and reduced them to mindless voyeurs. SET YOURSELF FREE. Don,t buy the newspapers that are biased and trivial. Only watch those TV programmes that treat you like a thinking person with a sense of worth. Interact with your children and teach them social responsibility.

I always think the simple rule of DO TO OTHERS ONLY WHAT YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU is a good adage unless your a masochist. To quote Oscar Wilde "We may all be lying in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars". If you like it in the gutter then of course keep reading the gutter press and watching gutter TV and you will become invisible.

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Monday, 19 February 2007

Wonkers and Nationalism. the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Your average native Wonker isn,t too committed to intellect. I myself am not a native Wonker as my parents were only related after they married but I must explain here that the term Wonker isn,t a precise description for many of the natives down here though its close enough, give or take a letter. The lack of ambition in regard to intellect is probably a consequence of the historic industries of digging holes, catching fish and shit kicking, sorry farming. Up to the advent of television the entertainment in most villages consisted in watching the traffic lights change and coveting your nieghbours ox. The problem with this is that you get the leaders you deserve.

There are here a very small number of vocal nationalists who periodically burst forth with half baked ideas. Once a year you can see these nationalists parading through Toytown but dont take your children or elderly relatives if they are of a nervous disposition as they aren,t a pretty sight. It,s like a convention of care in the community candidates. Unfortunately a few of these nationalists have been elected by there relatives and friends into positions of influence on the Councils. In Toytown we have one particular little tit who, probably as a consequence of being very vertically challenged, is always trying to push the nationalist agenda. He is a classic rabble rouser and is very keen, when he isn,t kissing some section of the publics arses, on the idea that in some way Wonkers would be better taking full control of their destiny, politically and economically. The evidence for this is all to the contrary as wholesale corruption in some District Councils is proven but there are non so blind as those with their beard in their eyes. I often see the little tit in Toytown and when I give him a look that would seriously disable anyone of a half sensitive disposition he takes it as a compliment and thinks I want his autograph. Some people actually take this arrogant fool seriously though I think its a bit of the "in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king". He is another who forgets we live in a democracy, that native wonkers are now in the minority even here and that anyway most of them couldn,t care less. Most of the historical cultural activity that the nationalists use to define their so called national identity exists, albiet in different forms, in every county in England. As far as a different language is concerned, its ludicrous, long dead and should stay buried. If I had taken you to meet a native of my county 40 years ago you wouldnt have understood a word they said but no one in their right senses would advocate teaching children that dialect in schools.

Its taken a hundred years, two world wars and a great deal of political and social upheavel to create the far from complete unity we have in England today and the last thing we need is some inadequate little prig of a local politician trying to divide us.

Fupoff all Nationalists

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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Education and Immigration

We have two large comprehensives in Toytown. One of them, the inferior one, having had millions of pounds spent on it over the last ten years updating its facilities was promptly closed down and a brand new multi-million pound school built to replace it. Normally if a large corporation builds a new office it brings in some fresh blood with new managers and staff but no, the same group of managers, all appointed through the principal that if you hang on long enough you get promoted, will manage this new multi-million pound school. The managers of this school have, under the influence of its affable but ultimately mediocre Head, almost exclusively been appointed to replace previous managers who were considered superior to them while both sections were in the school but who the present ones replaced when the better people left. Of
course some of them might have been working to a plan of undermining the previous managers so that they could have their jobs. Some management system that is and it certainly results in some entirely unsuitable people [maths and P.E.spring to mind] making important decisions about childrens education here in Toytown.

Wonkerland however, above all other considerations likes its public servants, man or woman, to be "nice" rather than efficient in fact the top man in education here fits the bill exactly. He does have a pretty difficult job cos they put him in charge of swimming pools as well so he is doubly confounded. I suppose they did that because he seemed a natural, being so wet. Still he is very nice and wears lovely suits and its only childrens education and taxpayers money.! When the old school became available it was immediately rumored that the sight might be designated for new housing but then someone allegedly thought this a little unsubtle so Wonkerland County Council will use it has offices until everyone has forgotten what it was previously and how much money was wasted on it and then they will build new houses. Oh for an investigative journalist. All of this will take Toytown ever nearer to becoming like most other cities in England overcrowded and full of people you would prefer to see on a foreign holiday in their own country.

If there is one subject that more bullshit is talked about than any other its immigrants. You can make a complex issue out of anything if your trying to feel superior and liberal but the fundamentals are obvious to anyone with half a brain. Colour of skin is a total irrelevance. Anyone who says or maintains it is is a moron. But some things surrounding the question of the integration and attitude of some immigrants are of real concern. If I love my country of birth and am committed totally to my traditional culture and religion then I would imagine I would remain in my country of origin. If for economic, social or political reasons I cannot safely or comfortably do so and I am inclined to seek a better living elsewhere and if another country is willing to offer me a sanctuary and opportunities and I accept them readily is it right or justifiable that I or my children or my grandchildren should condemn, abuse, change, lay siege to and even attempt to undermine that country and to reject and refuse to accept those very qualities of liberalism, equality and fairness that allowed that country to accept me in the first place. To anyone of that inclination I put it mundanely. If your religion or your culture is so important to you go live where its the norm. As for England I, my father, my fathers father, ad infinitum, gave sweat, blood and tears to make it what it is, for all its faults, so excuse me if I resent some first, second or even third generation foreigner coming here trying to impose their backward culture on me. To paraphrase "Go I say, Go" or if you prefer...

"Fupoff I was here first".

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Friday, 16 February 2007

Farmers in Wonkerland

I live in a part of the Country called Wonkerland. The town I live near to, Toytown, is really a city as yet without many of the problems we associate with English cities, but their coming.

In response to that holy of holies the farmer it was decided by the wise men of our County to allow in as cheap a labour force as could be found so East Europeans fresh to exploit on there entry into the European Union have been imported in mass. This in a county that has some of the highest unemployment and the lowest wages in the country. Now local people at the bottom of the economic scale have even less opportunity for employment than ever. Of course the farmers will tell you that locals didn,t want such low paid jobs. Well pay them more then you greedy bastards and stop lining your own pockets. Ever seen a poor farmer?. Your entitled to be biased you,ve paid enough towards their livelihood on subsidies over the years.

And whilst discussing farmers is there any other industry that would be allowed to endanger the public to the extent they do. Would any other industry be allowed to persistently and without any consideration for others mess up our roads the way they do. I know for a fact that in many instances its entirely avoidable. They are just too lazy to get off their backsides and open a few gates which restricting them to crossing there own fields rather than OUR roads would involve. Farming today is principally about machinery. They spend a fortune, with our help, buying the latest monster tractors so lets make them buy an extra piece of machinery that exists if the want it, a mechanical roadbrush. Let them clear up OUR roads after them. Lets see a few prosecutions. Also have they ever heard of a simple yard brush. It wouldn,t cure the problem but it would help. Trouble is that in rural areas they are always well esconsed in the local mafia, they are the untouchables. I had one knock a whole in my fence when he came down the lane with a machine that was a foot wider than the lane. My local council informed me that a farmer was entitled to use any machinery in any of the lanes irrespective of the damage it caused.

There was a time when the houses in the countryside were mainly occupied by people who worked there but times have changed and the farmer and even rarer farm labourer are firmly in the minority. Whether you like the fact or not that most country dwellers today are retired city types and second home owners they are in the majority and in a democracy local politicians, for want of a better word, should be listening to them and not Walter Gabriel. Its they who pay for the countryside through the subsidies they are forced to pay in taxes so they have a greater
entitlement. I also resent the thugs and morons who because they live in the countryside think they are entitled to speak for everyone there when it comes to hunting. Anyone who can seriously suggest that because their ancesters behaved barbarically towards birds and animals they are entitled to do so as well needs a head test.

Wonkerland is mainly rural and has one of the highest proportion of gun licences and animal cruelty in the country. There,s a surprise. I love the way the countryside alliance wheels out these seemingly respectable females as there spokespersons. As far as I,m concerned they are to the wildlife what Myra Hindley was to child welfare. Pure evil. What sort of person is it that gets enjoyment from spending their leisure time killing animals. A sick one undoubtedly. For those who think I speak as a town dweller I have lived in the country all of my life and started my working life as a farm labourer. I quickly abandoned it as I wanted to pursue a career that involved at least some necessity for a brain.

Fupoff farmers.

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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Yanks and Brown Scum


Like so many people I have always voted for one party, the Labour Party, all of my life. I don,t know why I suppose I identified with the class of people who are usually associated with Labour and anyway anything seemed better than Hume or MacMillan or Heath and worst of all that
criminal Thatcher.

I dont identify with that class now in fact I dont think I ever did. The Scum culture that today seems to embrace the previous title of Working Class is one I would never want be associated with. We live in an age where the lowest common denominator rules, booze ridden, uncouth and trivial with a significant number of our fellow countrymen seemingly lacking in any sense of social responsibility intent on educating their children in the church of ME and Materialism.

Then of course they wonder why the hand that feeds gets bit. Our leaders certainly since and very much including Thatcher have set the worst examples to the rest of society. You only have to judge Thatcher by her friends to see what she is. Blare is simply a smug bastard who always knows best and undoubtedly is more intent on World politics than those at home. His preoccupation with this countries maintenance as a World power has shades of Hitlerism about it. Standards seem non existent. What can one say of a society where the Sun newspaper is actually quoted as being of some significance. Where our present Prime Minister had to crawl and cowtow to the owner of that lowlife rag in order to be elected. Where Brown, a man who as Chancellor of the Exchequer has actively robbed us and created more social injustice than Thatcher, is seriously considered as a suitable leader of a Labour Party.

The fact is that people are better people when they have encountered hardship and suffering. The more people have the more they want. Compare society today with society after WW2. People had far less and were better for it. They valued what they had as little as that was. To some extent the popular media especially films reflects those historical values. Look at the principal values of the films produced just after the war and look at those today. We condemn the violence in our youth but feed them a continual diet through the media..We have film critics who themselves are a product of a society without proper values who instruct us to revere directors and writers whos main claim to fame is the extent to which they have extended the degree of violence in film.

Our values, or lack of them today, have much to do with the way we have abandoned any aspirations to embrace an English identity rooted in our history and sold our souls to the Yanks. These world class corupters have given us little of value in fact Yanks don,t give anything they only loan at high interest rates. When I was a child we had an American Base near to us. My father, who had fought with the 8th Army said you could always spot a Yank from behind because of his big arse. They got those sitting on them while we fought the Germans alone. Had we not done that far from the Yanks "saving our arses" we saved theirs. Had Hitler beaten us he would have had access to resources and bases that would have seriously threatened them. The big mouthed dickhead (Ed: - Eldon Anderson) who last week was accusing us of sucking our thumbs in the Second World War should have popped down our street and expressed the same sentiment to some of the demobs there in 1946.people who now had to live in a country that unlike the USA didn't profit from the war but ruined itself economically.

Yanks and Brown fupoff

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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog, rationality isn't the aim. My comments on here are pricipally motivated by my increasing disassociation with the planet. So I say to you all, don't slip on the bull sh*t. There is no obligation to read, so if my views offend, then b*gger off somewhere else.

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