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Monday, 19 February 2007

Wonkers and Nationalism. the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Your average native Wonker isn,t too committed to intellect. I myself am not a native Wonker as my parents were only related after they married but I must explain here that the term Wonker isn,t a precise description for many of the natives down here though its close enough, give or take a letter. The lack of ambition in regard to intellect is probably a consequence of the historic industries of digging holes, catching fish and shit kicking, sorry farming. Up to the advent of television the entertainment in most villages consisted in watching the traffic lights change and coveting your nieghbours ox. The problem with this is that you get the leaders you deserve.

There are here a very small number of vocal nationalists who periodically burst forth with half baked ideas. Once a year you can see these nationalists parading through Toytown but dont take your children or elderly relatives if they are of a nervous disposition as they aren,t a pretty sight. It,s like a convention of care in the community candidates. Unfortunately a few of these nationalists have been elected by there relatives and friends into positions of influence on the Councils. In Toytown we have one particular little tit who, probably as a consequence of being very vertically challenged, is always trying to push the nationalist agenda. He is a classic rabble rouser and is very keen, when he isn,t kissing some section of the publics arses, on the idea that in some way Wonkers would be better taking full control of their destiny, politically and economically. The evidence for this is all to the contrary as wholesale corruption in some District Councils is proven but there are non so blind as those with their beard in their eyes. I often see the little tit in Toytown and when I give him a look that would seriously disable anyone of a half sensitive disposition he takes it as a compliment and thinks I want his autograph. Some people actually take this arrogant fool seriously though I think its a bit of the "in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king". He is another who forgets we live in a democracy, that native wonkers are now in the minority even here and that anyway most of them couldn,t care less. Most of the historical cultural activity that the nationalists use to define their so called national identity exists, albiet in different forms, in every county in England. As far as a different language is concerned, its ludicrous, long dead and should stay buried. If I had taken you to meet a native of my county 40 years ago you wouldnt have understood a word they said but no one in their right senses would advocate teaching children that dialect in schools.

Its taken a hundred years, two world wars and a great deal of political and social upheavel to create the far from complete unity we have in England today and the last thing we need is some inadequate little prig of a local politician trying to divide us.

Fupoff all Nationalists

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