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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Education and Immigration

We have two large comprehensives in Toytown. One of them, the inferior one, having had millions of pounds spent on it over the last ten years updating its facilities was promptly closed down and a brand new multi-million pound school built to replace it. Normally if a large corporation builds a new office it brings in some fresh blood with new managers and staff but no, the same group of managers, all appointed through the principal that if you hang on long enough you get promoted, will manage this new multi-million pound school. The managers of this school have, under the influence of its affable but ultimately mediocre Head, almost exclusively been appointed to replace previous managers who were considered superior to them while both sections were in the school but who the present ones replaced when the better people left. Of
course some of them might have been working to a plan of undermining the previous managers so that they could have their jobs. Some management system that is and it certainly results in some entirely unsuitable people [maths and P.E.spring to mind] making important decisions about childrens education here in Toytown.

Wonkerland however, above all other considerations likes its public servants, man or woman, to be "nice" rather than efficient in fact the top man in education here fits the bill exactly. He does have a pretty difficult job cos they put him in charge of swimming pools as well so he is doubly confounded. I suppose they did that because he seemed a natural, being so wet. Still he is very nice and wears lovely suits and its only childrens education and taxpayers money.! When the old school became available it was immediately rumored that the sight might be designated for new housing but then someone allegedly thought this a little unsubtle so Wonkerland County Council will use it has offices until everyone has forgotten what it was previously and how much money was wasted on it and then they will build new houses. Oh for an investigative journalist. All of this will take Toytown ever nearer to becoming like most other cities in England overcrowded and full of people you would prefer to see on a foreign holiday in their own country.

If there is one subject that more bullshit is talked about than any other its immigrants. You can make a complex issue out of anything if your trying to feel superior and liberal but the fundamentals are obvious to anyone with half a brain. Colour of skin is a total irrelevance. Anyone who says or maintains it is is a moron. But some things surrounding the question of the integration and attitude of some immigrants are of real concern. If I love my country of birth and am committed totally to my traditional culture and religion then I would imagine I would remain in my country of origin. If for economic, social or political reasons I cannot safely or comfortably do so and I am inclined to seek a better living elsewhere and if another country is willing to offer me a sanctuary and opportunities and I accept them readily is it right or justifiable that I or my children or my grandchildren should condemn, abuse, change, lay siege to and even attempt to undermine that country and to reject and refuse to accept those very qualities of liberalism, equality and fairness that allowed that country to accept me in the first place. To anyone of that inclination I put it mundanely. If your religion or your culture is so important to you go live where its the norm. As for England I, my father, my fathers father, ad infinitum, gave sweat, blood and tears to make it what it is, for all its faults, so excuse me if I resent some first, second or even third generation foreigner coming here trying to impose their backward culture on me. To paraphrase "Go I say, Go" or if you prefer...

"Fupoff I was here first".

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